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The Junior Lift Clarinet Academy is an action-packed five-day journey designed for students ages 13-18 who are seeking to expand their clarinet study within a supportive and engaging musical environment.

Organized and hosted each year at Colorado State University by clarinet professor Dr. Wesley Ferreira and his graduate clarinet students, the Junior Lift Clarinet Academy is nationally renowned. The program is dedicated to building on the knowledge that each individual student has acquired previously in their school and lesson settings. We emphasize a well-rounded curriculum with specific focus on the clarinet. Students participate in daily classes ranging from general musicianship to clarinet-specific topics such as finger technique, articulation, and clarinet reeds and repertoire. By supporting each musician’s unique strengths, we foster a collaborative learning environment, musicianship, and creativity. Students also enjoy social outings and activities with other participants. In addition, each student receives a daily private clarinet lesson, group instruction, and experience participating in a small chamber ensemble. The festival culminates with a final recital consisting of chamber music performances and all students coming together to perform in a large clarinet choir.   

We want students to leave feeling like they have received a musical boost!

About the Program

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