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About the Program


The Junior Lift Clarinet Academy is an action-packed five-day journey, designed for students ages 13-18 who are seeking to expand their clarinet study within a supportive and engaging musical environment.

Organized and hosted each year at Colorado State University by clarinet professor Dr. Wesley Ferreira and his graduate clarinet students, the Junior Lift Clarinet Academy is nationally renowned.

June 20 - 24, 2022

Take your playing

to the next level

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Director and Faculty - Dr. Wesley Ferreira

As the clarinet professor at Colorado State University, Dr. Wesley Ferreira is committed to providing clarinet and musical instruction at the highest levels and creating learning opportunities for clarinet students of all ages. Following many years of successfully organizing and hosting the Lift Clarinet Academy he created the Junior Lift Clarinet Academy for high school students (and advanced middle school clarinetists). He is a main teacher at the Junior Lift Clarinet Academy teaching individual lessons, classes, and rehearsing chamber music groups as well as conducting the academy clarinet choir. The other teachers at the Junior Lift Clarinet Academy are Dr. Ferreira's graduate students at Colorado State University. He selects them based on their quality of teaching, personality, organization, and ability to relate to young students.



"The fantastic faculty combined with with an environment designed for personal growth made the Junior Lift Academy a fantastic opportunity for me to improve as a player. The Junior Lift Academy changed the way I saw clarinet playing and gave me the tools I needed to improve rapidly in a short period of time."

- Ashray Shah 

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